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Lucio Pelloso

Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

Lucio brings 22 years of experience managing sales, marketing, and revenue maximization. He has vast experience in converting business intelligence into actionable business plans to drive revenue, market share, profitability, and hotel lead properties into a position of leadership in the market. Lucio offers a depth of experience as a strategist, coach, analyst, and industry resource for virtually all levels of assets.

Lucio works closely with the hotel teams to support an open on-property position, as well as work directly with the hotel operations team by detailing group and event sales bookings to maximize revenues and generate up-sell opportunities. He provides the team with sales leadership, coverage, support, guidance, and training within our growing portfolio, as well as onboarding, planning and execution of new sales, marketing, and revenue management/generation initiatives, and creation of sales strategic plans. Lucio brings great experience, character, and integrity with him, and embodies the Maverick spirit.

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