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There's a little Maverick in everybody.

Maverick offers the capability to position or reposition an asset through an incredibly talented team of seasoned professionals that head every discipline and proudly boasts unparalleled records of development success.

Nationally recognized operators and experts in their fields, the management team of Maverick creates value at every hotel and restaurant they manage by combining a pervasive sales-driven culture with a proven ability to capture market share and manage middle of the page expenses to drive margins.

Successful proprietary tools and systems developed by the team allow the field to operate more efficiently, while a driven owner/entrepreneur mentality keeps a sharp focus on making smart decisions based on what is best for the asset.

Meet your Mavericks.

Robert J. Habeeb

Founder & CEO

James Kallas

President/Principal, Restaurants

Renee Lobello

Regional Controller

Matt Kiedrowski

Director of Revenue Generation

Lucio Pelloso

Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

Randy Romero

Regional Director of Operations

Raven Sherrill

Corporate Marketing Manager

Robin Kirk

President, Hotels

Tom Grassle

Chief Investment Officer

Tom Pucci

Regional IT Manager

Christin Smith

Regional Director of Revenue Generation

Scott Groboski

Director of Information Technology

Steve Kamykowski

Director of Construction

Roni Lopez

Executive Assistant

Wendy Stevens

Chief Operating Officer, Hotels

John Poss

Vice President of Finance

Toni Hasan

Director of People Excellence

Jim Kramer

Area Chief Engineer

Shawn Cioto

Regional Vice President of Operations - Northeast

Vasileios Ioannou

Regional Director of Operations - Midwest

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